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Cirino’s Bloody Mary Mix Proud Sponsor of Nevada County Fair

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Well, it is finally fair time! It's also Cirino's Bloody Mary Mix time! Thousands of people eagerly await for our Nevada County Fair to begin. Kids, adults, grandparents, locals and tourists, alike, share in the very same emotion when it comes to the gates opening up to welcome you into a world of wonder. The Ferris Wheel spins high atop the landscape, the Tilt-a-Whirl spins to screams of terror or utter delight while cotton candy, Lazy Dog Ice Cream, cinnamon rolls, bratwurst and corn dogs fill the tummies of smiling and contented fair-goers. The Nevada County Fair is our biggest local event here in Grass Valley. Our Nevada County Fairgrounds has been voted the most beautiful fairgrounds this side of the Mississippi. We'll take it! Music is offered at the various stages, entertainment can be found at various locations and there is always Treat Street...the most delicious and addicting avenue beneath the towering trees. This year marks the first year Cirino's at Main Street will be one of three proud sponsors. Partnered with Hansen Brothers and Byer's Leafguard, we have underwritten several facets of the fair. Along with our partnership, we will also be serving samples of our signature drink, Cirino's Bloody Mary. Stop on in and cool off as you stroll the Music in the Mountains' building. Here you will enjoy an offering of our delicious Cirino's Bloody Mary Mix as well as My Favorite Pillow, Hills Flat Lumber appliances and so much more unique and crazy finds. Cirino's Bloody Mary Mix has been a featured product at the Nevada County Fair for the past 6 years. It has been served and bought by thousands of guests for either their favorite cocktail-making or to use as a marinade for cooking.  This year, however, kicks off the serving of our signature cocktail of the best Bloody Mary at the Nevada County Junior Livestock Auction. We hope that a lot of the patrons will give it a shot, have a grand time and proceed to bid high! It is an amazing community drive on up to our beautiful Sierra Foothills and get lost in the carnival, the circus, the food, the fun. We'd love to see you...and if the...

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Las Vegas Bar & Nightclub Show-Cirino’s Bloody Mary Mix Debut

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"If you're going to be a bear, be a Grizzly." That mind-set is exactly what Jerry Cirino had in place when he booked his Cirino's Bloody Mary Mix into its first-ever national debut. The Las Vegas Convention Center spans several blocks just off "the strip" and is home to several conventions a week. It is truly a city within a city. It took months and months of preparation, dealing with four separate entities: Questex, GES, Centerplate and Xpress Leads, to simply facilitate our booth. We were told to expect 36,000 attendees and to make 10,000 samples of our Bloody Mary Mix. Leading up to our actual departure, Jerry hooked up a Featherlite trailer to his Chevrolet Silverado and we loaded up over 2,500 lbs. of goods to haul down Hwy. 99. Stopping in Frenso before reaching our destination at the Westgate Hotel, it was quite a contrast in scenery. Originally, the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino was the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, home to Elvis Presley back in the 1970's. Today, it is known for its convenience to the Convention Center.  The Bar and Nightclub Show was only a half mile walk past the casino, a Benihana and the Las Vegas Annual Pizza Convention. The trade show floor was filled to capacity with well-known exhibitors such as Corona, Bailey's, Square and Dr. Pepper/Snapple Group. Our booth display was made up of our product bottles, a few large posters and 2 DVD screens looping our "3 Easy Steps" of how to make a Cirino's Bloody Mary. Attendees flocked to our booth  to sample the new kid on the block and the response was wonderful. Beverage Managers from the Bellagio loved it as did the Blazing Onion, a really cool gourmet burger , brew and spirits  chain up in Washington. We were so lucky, so honored and so appreciative of  the interest we received. It's funny how you can be so fearful of trying something new...paralyzed almost by what you don't know, but once you take that step it's as if you've always know how to do it. So, if you are going to be a bear, be a...

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Hard-Boiled Eggs Using Cirino’s Bloody Mary Mix

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Feel like experimenting with a very simple recipe? Well, here you go. We hope you enjoy it... Cincinnati Hard Boiled Eggs: When I was a young boy in Cincinnati my father played on the Cincinnati Reds baseball farm team. It seemed wherever we went in town people new my Dad. This was a time before the law disallowed youngsters from accompanying their fathers into taverns. I remember hardboiled eggs, a sauce and some condiments all laid out at the end of the bar for the taking. I think back on that special time when serving the following Cirino household tradition: Use any method of the hundreds that are available to hard boil your eggs, but whatever you do, make sure you boil enough and keep some extra-chilled and on hand because they are sure to become a household favorite. They are very handy for an additional quick condiment or a low calorie, high-protein fun and flavorful treat for the lunch or dinner menu. 1) Slice hardboiled egg in half. 2) With a thin blade knife make diagonal sliced pattern in the yoke, leaving all the yoke in its original location, now serrated. (Don’t cut through the white.) 3) Pour some CBMM into a small bowl and have a spoon at the ready. 4) With the spoon, scoop up some CBMM and gently drizzle it onto the serrated yoke of the egg…just enough so as not spill out before it gets immediately to your mouth and wha laaa! Now, that is a “Hard Boiled Egg-Cincinnati Style”. Follow with a swill of cold beer. Now, don’t tell me that that is not good. Granted, only certain guests on your entertainment list are going to appreciate this technique. Dining is always enhanced by choosing your guests wisely! Recommendation: serve with ice cold beer, good conversation between friends and plenty of both. Stay tuned as we will be sharing more recipes on our blog...and if you love to cook and have created a delicious recipe with our mix, please let us know. We'd love to print it up and share it with all of our thousands of fans of Cirino's Bloody Mary...

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Cooking Recipes with Cirino’s Bloody Mary Mix

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Chef/owner and creator of the Best Bloody Mary Mix ever, Jerry Cirino, is now offering a unique type of cooking class. A class that not only offers delicious recipes using our Cirino's Bloody Mary Mix but also, gives the reader some cooking techniques and thoughts to simplify any trepidation in the kitchen. His approach to teaching you is as if he is standing right next to you at the kitchen stove. We hope you enjoy the adventure. Today's recipe is "Jerry's Refried Beans". COOKING WITH CIRINO'S BLOODY MARY MIX: Thoughts on Use: When asked, I usually answer with the short answer, “anything that goes into a sauté pan, anything that goes into a pot or on the grill.  If you’re cooking from scratch, the minute those onions hit the pan give them something to make them feel good about themselves and they will carry that great flavor throughout the dish. No one will be able to discern what you have done but everyone will recognize your new signature added flavorful difference and of course, add CBMM to any food item that you will put on a grill”…it is a marinating match made in heaven. The match may be made in heaven but the mix is made right here…right here in the Heart of Nevada County by the Cirino Family for your enjoyment. Thoughts on Cooking:  Cooking is not a rigid, stick-to-the-recipe, incrementally-correct, I-have-to-get- this-just-right-or-it’s-ruined activity. There are a few rules, however, cooking should be a relaxed, personal, sometimes shared sport…performed in the arena of your own kitchen for yourself and those that you love. With that in mind, I will share some simple family recipes or ideas using our mix so that you can change, adapt or transform these recipes/ideas to your own personal liking…any way you care to. That is what is important here…for you to have more fun and satisfaction while performing the art of cooking. Thoughts on Cooking with Cirino’s Bloody Mary Mix:  Remember a couple of simple concepts. You should think of our mix as a flavor base… any time you wish to add flavor to a dish think of Cirino’s Bloody Mary Mix. When your recipe or dish needs that extra something that it...

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Nugget Markets Taking a Shot With Our Cirino’s Bloody Mary Mix

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The month of August was quite a busy one for us as it was the official introduction of our Cirino's Bloody Mary Mix to the guests of four Nugget Markets in their northern California region: El Dorado Hills Nugget Market, Vacaville Nugget Market, West Sacramento Nugget Market and Roseville Nugget Market...and what an introduction it was. If you've never had the distinct pleasure of experiencing a Nugget Market, we suggest you put it on your list of "to do's". This market chain is beyond spectacular. Family-owned and operated they are celebrating their 90th Anniversary of success. The markets offer a shopping experience built on quality, freshness, variety, cleanliness and a crew that is polite, kind and professional. For three weeks straight, four days a week we had the honor and the privilege to offer guests of the Nugget Markets samples of our mix. No matter where we set up our display, people came and tasted. Offerings of Bellevitano Balsamic cheese accompanied some of the tastings and the marriage of flavors created quite an epidemic of satisfied palates. We must say the gratification we felt, and still feel today, is rewarding as many guests were outside our sphere of influence. Some had heard of Cirino's and Cirino's at Main Street but most were tasting our mix for the very first time and it is fair to say that we "changed a few lives". The real beauty of this story is the gift that all of you have given us. It has been your contribution of sharing our mix through "word of mouth" that has inspired our success thus far. Cirino's Bloody Mary Mix was the creation of Jerry Cirino 33 years ago and launched at Cirino's Bar and Grill in Nevada City, CA. and today with the help of Mussetter Distributing and a few salespeople, our mix is finding its way to incredible new places: proudly sitting on the shelves of distinguished liquor department walls as well as respected restaurants, bars and golf courses and of course, always at its home. We owe so many a big thank you for helping us get this far. So, thank you, thank you, thank you, from all of us to all of you.    ~Jerry, Donna and Tucker Cirino...

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