Beach Hut Deli Makes A Bloody Mary Splash

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BeachHut Raiders welcome you to their table

BeachHut Raiders welcome you to their table

When you think of surfing, picnics and the beautiful beaches that hug the Pacific Coast Highway, Bloody Marys don't usually come into mind. That trend is beginning to change with the collaboration between Cirino's Bloody Mary Mix and Beach Hut Delis throughout Northern California. Several stores in the independently owned franchise chain are  eagerly anticipating a new culture being introduced to their customers. Thus far, the response has been beyond what was anticipated. Sunday Brunch seemed the likely time to launch the new Bloody Mary campaign but with the marketing material of napkin holders, posters and word of mouth, Cirino's Bloody Marys are now an every day occurrence. Served with Klir Red (which is a vodka made from wine), the Bloody Mary cocktail is the perfect accompaniment with that ice cold beer and a sandwich you crave. If you feel like an adventure, take the family to The Bass Pro Shop in Rocklin and take in all that the incredibly spectacular store has to offer and then jaunt on over to The Beach Hut Deli and grab a delicious lunch or one of their Breakfast Sandwiches like a Wakie Bakie, Creek Crossiant or a Dawn Patrol, a Bloody Mary and a beer. When you do, you'll find yourself surrounded by an array of themed-surfboards such as The Oakland Raiders, television screens, bikinis, old Woody trucks and a list of sandwiches that are certain to please. And if you've never been to a Beach Hut Deli, here is their story...

In 1981, at the age of 19, Troy Feist started what is now known as the Beach Hut Deli in Granite Bay, near Folsom Lake in Northern California. His vision included the creation of a sandwich, stuffed full of top-quality meats, cheeses and fresh produce. Being a lover of the beach, Troy created a deli with a beach theme. The tables are surfboards and the entire deli is adorned with beach and surf memorabilia. The beach theme has evolved into a beach culture yielding, among other things, a wall of infamy with photos of happy patrons and our Beach Hut Staff having fun and sporting their beach attire. With packed tables and lines out the door, Troy decided to franchise Beach Hut Deli.

We currently have 35 locations in California, Reno and Las Vegas.

At Beach Hut Deli our sandwiches are nothing like you have ever experienced. Every ingredient is top quality and completely fresh. Our menu is also unique. Many of our sandwiches contain cream cheese, fresh sliced avocados and other delicious combinations. You will be amazed after you experience one of our delectable sandwiches. But we give more to our customers than great sandwiches. We give our customers a fun, relaxing home-away-from-home environment where they can hang out and “chill.” We listen to great music, watch local sporting events, socialize, and have camaraderie. We would love for you to come and see us and enjoy the Beach Hut Deli.

Time to go to the beach...

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