Cooking Recipes with Cirino’s Bloody Mary Mix

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Chef/owner and creator of the Best Bloody Mary Mix ever, Jerry Cirino, is now offering a unique type of cooking class. A class that not only offers delicious recipes using our Cirino's Bloody Mary Mix but also, gives the reader some cooking techniques and thoughts to simplify any trepidation in the kitchen. His approach to teaching you is as if he is standing right next to you at the kitchen stove. We hope you enjoy the adventure. Today's recipe is "Jerry's Refried Beans".
Thoughts on Use: When asked, I usually answer with the short answer, “anything that goes into a sauté pan, anything that goes into a pot or on the grill.  If you’re cooking from scratch, the minute those onions hit the pan give them something to make them feel good about themselves and they will carry that great flavor throughout the dish. No one will be able to discern what you have done but everyone will recognize your new signature added flavorful difference and of course, add CBMM to any food item that you will put on a grill”…it is a marinating match made in heaven. The match may be made in heaven but the mix is made right here…right here in the Heart of Nevada County by the Cirino Family for your enjoyment.
Thoughts on Cooking:  Cooking is not a rigid, stick-to-the-recipe, incrementally-correct, I-have-to-get- this-just-right-or-it’s-ruined activity. There are a few rules, however, cooking should be a relaxed, personal, sometimes shared sport…performed in the arena of your own kitchen for yourself and those that you love. With that in mind, I will share some simple family recipes or ideas using our mix so that you can change, adapt or transform these recipes/ideas to your own personal liking…any way you care to. That is what is important here…for you to have more fun and satisfaction while performing the art of cooking.
Thoughts on Cooking with Cirino’s Bloody Mary Mix:  Remember a couple of simple concepts. You should think of our mix as a flavor base… any time you wish to add flavor to a dish think of Cirino’s Bloody Mary Mix. When your recipe or dish needs that extra something that it doesn’t yet have, reach for our mix because I have balanced the flavors for you, therefore, you don’t have to stand in front of your spice shelf or refrigerator searching and asking yourself, “what does this need?” Frustration and self-doubt should not be associated with cooking. Solve this frustration by keeping your own “go to” flavor base… simply add the mix to taste and then add a little more. I am not kidding about the “add a little more”. Believe me…it is just a fact regarding cooks using acid based flavors. It seems our palates are not so accustom to acids as they are flavors of sweet or salts, therefore, we tend to be on the conservative side when we first trial-taste acid based ingredients during preparation. I have witnessed this time and time again during my 33 years of teaching cooks/chefs how to prepare our foods in our restaurants.  I can prove this to you by suggesting…just add some more mix and take another taste now that your palate is accustom to that flavor. In 9 out of 10 times you will agree, “Ahh…it did need a little more and it does taste much better now”. Good cooks possess good instincts…learn to trust your instincts. It is good for you personally and it is good for your cooking. Confidence is the real master of cooking…not great chefs. After you become comfortable cooking with Cirino’s Bloody Mary Mix…that will lead to further culinary confidence. I know this to be true. Relax and above all, have fun.
So have fun creating and cooking with Cirino’s Bloody Mary Mix. Remember, like it says on each bottle, “it’ll change your life.”
 Salute………Jerry Cirino

Why this was written:

I love to teach people how to cook, especially children and adults that have not yet had the opportunity to learn to cook for some reason or the other. I enjoy doing my part to instill self-confidence rather than stifle it by showing off.  I am going to talk to you as though you were here with me at the stove. Therefore, if these recipes appear to be wordy it is because one of the primary reasons most people don’t learn to cook in the first place is that most recipes they pick up are authored with assumption that all of us already knows how to cook and inherently understands all of the terms, definitions, and techniques floated so freely in todays edited recipes. Further, the culinary world currently has its share of arrogance; I would insult my ancestry and my immediate family by adding to it. I choose not to. I also choose to share and have a little fun.
An Invitation to You:  When you find your own recipe/creation using our Cirino’s Bloody Mary Mix, if you care to, please send it to us and we will eventually publish your creation and share with all our fans around the country and we will give you recognition for your recipe, if you’d like.


Jerry’s Refried Beans:

½: yellow onion, diced
½ of a small clove of garlic, minced (optional)
1: 16 oz. can refried beans
Cirino’s Bloody Mary Mix to taste
Saute onions in extra virgin olive oil on low heat until translucent.  Note: The lower the heat the longer saute time, the sweeter the onions are going to be. Add garlic but do not burn! Just change the color of the garlic from white to yellowish but not dark brown. Remember low heat. To save the garlic at this time, add some CBMM. This will cool the pan, slow the cooking and will save the garlic from burning. Let this mixture reduce slightly. Then add the beans. Stir until blended and adjust heat. Now, I do not like my beans texture to be thick and chalky. I like it to be silky and smooth. This is where your individual taste comes into play. I usually add a bit more CBMM as I want to taste it but not dominate. So add to taste and then just before serving, leaving a little cook down time, add a little water for desired texture. If it tightens up before you serve add a little more water. Either way, they are the best simple refried bean dish you can make. Simple? They are simple and mucho bueno.

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