Hard-Boiled Eggs Using Cirino’s Bloody Mary Mix

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Feel like experimenting with a very simple recipe? Well, here you go. We hope you enjoy it...

Cincinnati Hard Boiled Eggs:

When I was a young boy in Cincinnati my father played on the Cincinnati Reds baseball farm team. It seemed wherever we went in town people new my Dad. This was a time before the law disallowed youngsters from accompanying their fathers into taverns. I remember hardboiled eggs, a sauce and some condiments all laid out at the end of the bar for the taking. I think back on that special time when serving the following Cirino household tradition:
Use any method of the hundreds that are available to hard boil your eggs, but whatever you do, make sure you boil enough and keep some extra-chilled and on hand because they are sure to become a household favorite. They are very handy for an additional quick condiment or a low calorie, high-protein fun and flavorful treat for the lunch or dinner menu.
1) Slice hardboiled egg in half.
2) With a thin blade knife make diagonal sliced pattern in the yoke, leaving all the yoke in its original location, now serrated. (Don’t cut through the white.)
3) Pour some CBMM into a small bowl and have a spoon at the ready.
4) With the spoon, scoop up some CBMM and gently drizzle it onto the serrated yoke of the egg…just enough so as not spill out before it gets immediately to your mouth and wha laaa! Now, that is a “Hard Boiled Egg-Cincinnati Style”. Follow with a swill of cold beer. Now, don’t tell me that that is not good. Granted, only certain guests on your entertainment list are going to appreciate this technique. Dining is always enhanced by choosing your guests wisely!
Recommendation: serve with ice cold beer, good conversation between friends and plenty of both.

Stay tuned as we will be sharing more recipes on our blog...and if you love to cook and have created a delicious recipe with our mix, please let us know. We'd love to print it up and share it with all of our thousands of fans of Cirino's Bloody Mary Mix.

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