Nugget Markets Taking a Shot With Our Cirino’s Bloody Mary Mix

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A Bloody Good Market

A Bloody Good Market

The month of August was quite a busy one for us as it was the official introduction of our Cirino's Bloody Mary Mix to the guests of four Nugget Markets in their northern California region: El Dorado Hills Nugget Market, Vacaville Nugget Market, West Sacramento Nugget Market and Roseville Nugget Market...and what an introduction it was. If you've never had the distinct pleasure of experiencing a Nugget Market, we suggest you put it on your list of "to do's". This market chain is beyond spectacular. Family-owned and operated they are celebrating their 90th Anniversary of success. The markets offer a shopping experience built on quality, freshness, variety, cleanliness and a crew that is polite, kind and professional. For three weeks straight, four days a week we had the honor and the privilege to offer guests of the Nugget Markets samples of our mix. No matter where we set up our display, people came and tasted. Offerings of Bellevitano Balsamic cheese accompanied some of the tastings and the marriage of flavors created quite an epidemic of satisfied palates. We must say the gratification we felt, and still feel today, is rewarding as many guests were outside our sphere of influence. Some had heard of Cirino's and Cirino's at Main Street but most were tasting our mix for the very first time and it is fair to say that we "changed a few lives".

The real beauty of this story is the gift that all of you have given us. It has been your contribution of sharing our mix through "word of mouth" that has inspired our success thus far. Cirino's Bloody Mary Mix was the creation of Jerry Cirino 33 years ago and launched at Cirino's Bar and Grill in Nevada City, CA. and today with the help of Mussetter Distributing and a few salespeople, our mix is finding its way to incredible new places: proudly sitting on the shelves of distinguished liquor department walls as well as respected restaurants, bars and golf courses and of course, always at its home.

We owe so many a big thank you for helping us get this far. So, thank you, thank you, thank you, from all of us to all of you.    ~Jerry, Donna and Tucker Cirino


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